Our Story

         We founded EcoFriendy Greens out of a deep love for farming and the environment, as well as our passion for providing fresh and healthy options for individuals. We currently specialize in growing microgreens because they are packed full of nutrients and flavor. 


Organic and Safe

Many farmers use pesticides and chemicals which can be harmful to our environment. We need farms that feed local restaurants and families while still using organic practices, which is why we use organic farming techniques to grow our produce and never use harmful pesticides. That is why in every move, we make sure that we are helping the environment.

Loved and Cared For

We like to grow our microgreens in a medium of coconut coir, using several techniques to care for the plants throughout their growing phases. Each tray is hand seeded and cared for daily, ensuring a happy, healthy plant.

That happy healthy plant then is harvested per order, so that your microgreens are your microgreens from the second they're cut.